Weather Policy

Weather Policies

  • Cancelled practices are not rescheduled.
  • We will post cancellations on the website message bar when it is obvious due to inclement weather that practices or games will not be held.
  • Sometimes inclement weather threatens our area but weather forecasts are uncertain of the exact 'storm track'. In those cases, we will hold off on posting cancellations until the forecast becomes more firm. If possible, we will make a decision about cancellations at least 45 minutes in advance of scheduled start times, therefore we encourage you to check the front page of this site or by calling the weather hotline (919-573-1573) just before leaving home when the potential for cancellations exist.
  • If a game or practice is stopped due to inclement weather, and/or poor field conditions, it will be cancelled for that session. On game days, we will only cancel subsequent games if a review of regional radar indicates a good chance of not being able to complete the game.
  • If lightning is visible from the fields, the practice or game will be immediately cancelled.
  • Distant thunder does not necessarily indicate a safety threat on the field. However, if a storm front is approaching thunder indicates a potential threat. The Crossroads Sports Ministry personnel, security personnel, and/or the referee will ultimately be responsible for determining if the practice or game needs to be cancelled due to thunder.
  • Winter sports would be canceled if road conditions are deemed unsafe.
  • If approached on the field by Crossroads personnel, security personnel, and/or a referee regarding a delay/cancel of a practice/game due to weather, The Shepherds Church expects you and your team to exit the fields immediately without discussion.
  • In regards to weather, the safety of individuals is the first priority of The Shepherds Church.
  • If 1 game is cancelled during the season, so long as it isn't the last one of the season, it will not be rescheduled. If the last game of the season is cancelled or if there are 2 games cancelled throughout the season, we will try to reschedule the most recently cancelled game for the next available Saturday. Parents & Coaches, please note that it is easier for us to extend the fall season and children’s basketball. For the spring season it is quite difficult as we cannot begin play on the fields until early March (Evaluation Night) and then we must end the season the Saturday prior to Memorial Day weekend to allow enough time for our grounds keeping team to help restore the fields prior to soccer camp in mid-June.