Youth Basketball

Our Youth Basketball League consists of recreational play for children from 6 - 13 years old. Crossroads recreational leagues are designed to teach and develop a player's skills while incorporating a positive Christian influence through weekly devotional moments at practice. The cost to register for this league is $100.

Registration for the Winter 2025 season will open August 1st, 2024.


Interested in coaching? All coaches receive a 15% discount for their child's registration!

If you would like to serve as a coach this season, please use the following link:

Crossroads Youth Basketball Coach Registration (Winter 2024)

After you register, you will receive the coaching discount code in your confirmation email.

For coaches who are members of The Shepherds Church, please contact in order to receive your 25% discount for coaching. 


Practice Information

The first week of practice will be the week of January 6th, 2025.

Practices will be one hour long and will be one day per week (either Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday). When you register, we will work to schedule your kid to practice on a day that works with their availability. Please include all of the dates and times that your child is available to ensure that they are placed on a team.



Game Information

For the Winter Season, games will begin on January 11th and will end on March 1st.

We will have a seven-game season and all games will be played on Saturdays between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. If you have multiple kids in the league, they will play at varied times throughout the day and we will be unable to coordinate back-to-back games for them throughout the season.

Basketball Game Schedule - Winter 2024

Court Map for Games

Team Placement and Scheduling

When building teams, we work to place your kids on a day and night that works for your family's schedule. This includes placing all of your children on the same practice night, though they may be at different practice times depending on coach availability. Additionally, we work to honor all teammate requests that we can, so long as teammate requests have the same availability. Please note that we may not honor all teammate requests if there is an instance where we need to maintain an even number of players per team in the league or to even out player skill abilities across the teams. Please note that at this time we can not guarantee any teammate requests for the league except for teammate requests where one of the players is participating in Crossroads Sports for the first time.