Archery Registration

Registration for the spring season is now closed! We will open registration for the Fall on June 1st.

Crossroads Sports Archery provides classes for youth and their parents. This class will teach International Target Style Archery through the fundamentals put together by the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). The class is open to youth ages 11-17. A parent or guardian must also participate in the training and shooting drills. For safety reasons, only ONE child is allowed to register per ONE adult or legal guardian. All equipment needed to participate in the class will be provided.

The information below is for the 2022 Spring class:

  • Thursdays, March 17th- May 5th
  • 6:30-8:30 pm in the Worship Center/gym
  • $85 - combined cost for both child and parent

Please note:   We will allow a family to register for two consecutive sessions, but then they will need to take the following session off in order to allow more families to be able to participate in this wonderful ministry! Once eligible to register once again, we also ask that a different child in your household participates in the class rather than the child who participated previously. Finally, we ask that you look at the class calendar closely. If you realize that you will be missing 2 or more classes we ask that you hold off registering until the next session, as missing classes becomes a safety issue. Thank you for your understanding with these guidelines.


There was a woman with her son who came up to Kendall and I during class to tell us something.  During the first class, she had a hard time getting started shooting archery, even putting the arrow on the string.  She almost didn't come back to class.  But by the end of the class she was much better, Stacy even told her that if there was a most improved award that she would have gotten it.  She told me that she gets up every morning at 5:30 am to do devotions and part of the way through the class her son started setting his alarm to get up with her and "do Centershot stuff" (our archery material).  I believe this means memorize his verse for the week.  During the last class we shot two rounds of 3 volleys each.  During the first round with her much improved archery skill and their verse memorization they would have taken 1st place.  With the two rounds added together they were 3rd overall, still a big accomplishment and for her son to get up on his own to  do devotions with her in the morning is the most exciting thing!

Instructor Chris