Our leagues are open to the community, and we also welcome people of any faith to participate.

Weather updates can be determined by checking our website's pop-up message bar, which appears on the bottom of any pages you open,  by calling the weather hotline (919-573-1573), or by subscribing to the weather updates email newsletter at the bottom right of the page. For more information on our weather policy, please check the weather policy page.

Fall registration opens each year on June 1st, Winter Basketball opens on August 1st, and spring league registration opens on December 1st.Typically registrations close the night before evaluations, or approximately a week before the season begins.

If we have completed the rosters, your child's name can be found on one of the rosters posted on their respective sport's page.

As soon as a spot opens up within our the league, we will move the next player based upon chronological order of registration into the league. When we move them in, we will contact the parent with league registration info. If we have not contacted you yet, a spot has not opened up for your child.

We are at times able to provide a limited number of scholarships if we evaluate that the need is appropriate. If you think your child would qualify for scholarship consideration, please call and let us know the situation!